Download Logging:

  • When you first connect to the server, a log entry is made showing your user name and IP address.
  • When you disconnect, a log entry is made showing your user name and the number of bytes downloaded.
  • No log entry is ever made of the groups which you select, or the specific articles which you download. The only activity which is logged while your are connected are NNTP commands which cause an error message on the server.

Upload Logging:

  • The content of your posts is public, including whatever information you or your posting software places in the header. 
  • Log entries are made on the server showing your username and IP address.  This information, as well as any other subscriber information that we have, will be turned over to law enforcement upon receipt of a subpoena.

Abuse Complaints

  • Our users have a fundamental right to be informed about complaints made to us regarding posts made by the individual user.
  • Unless prohibited by law to do so, any complaint sent to us about posts made by any of our users, will be forwarded to the user in full including all email headers, so that the user has an opportunity to respond to allegations made in the complaint, as well as  to preserve and assert any legal rights the poster may have against anyone filing a malicious complaint.
  • No information about our users will be given to any third party or law enforcement agency unless we are compelled by law to do so.